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Postman jailed for 18 months for accident at work insurance fraud- he was later caught out playing guitar at Malaysian music festival

Belangeni Musumbu was caught on camera

Belangeni Musumbu was caught on camera lifting and carrying boxes, when he claimed he was unable to walk unaided. Image: YouTube / City of London Police

A postman who claimed hundreds of thousands of pounds for an accident at work has been given a jail sentence for fraud after he was filmed lifting and carrying boxes and played guitar at a Malaysian music festival.

Belangeni Musumbu was unloading a Royal Mail van in 2010 when a car hit the back of the van.

He said that after the accident he couldn’t walk unaided, drive, or dress himself.

He claimed that he felt like he had ‘lost his life’ and that he’d been left unable to work.

After receiving doctor’s reports that confirmed this, Royal Mail medically retired Mr Musumbu in April 2012.

The car driver’s insurance company, esure, set aside almost £300,000 to cover legal costs and payouts if the claim was settled.

But a few months later, a blog showed Mr Musumbu playing guitar at a Malaysian music festival.


Belangeni Musumbu playing guitar at the Malaysian music festival. Image: City of London Police.


The insurance company also caught him on camera carrying boxes, driving, and shopping.

And when esure’s appointed doctor examined the ex-postman, there was no evidence of lasting or serious injuries from the accident.

esure referred the claim to the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED).

Mr Musumbu was charged with two counts of fraud.

He admitted the charges and has now been sentenced to 18 months in prison and been ordered to pay almost £25,000 in compensation.

Detective Constable Gary Kearley led the IFED’s investigation. He said:

His sentence should serve as a warning to anyone who still thinks that making an exaggerated insurance claim is acceptable. This is a criminal offence and the Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department is working with insurers and business to bring offenders to book.



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