Coffee shop chain owner apologizes for road rage incident

Road rage incident in Priory Lane SW19. Image: cycletourer8. Screen grab for the public interest of reporting a current event. Click to view footage.

The London owner of a chain of coffee shops has apologized for his involvement in an argument with a cyclist in Priory Lane Richmond that’s been filmed and uploaded to YouTube.

Jason Wells is the proprietor of the Brew chain.

He’s released a statement saying:

In response to a video of an incident I was involved in on the 14 March 2015, I would like to apologise for any offence caused.

My behaviour was unacceptable and regardless of the situation, I shouldn’t react like that.

I fully appreciate that cyclists have as much right to the road as any other road users. I will be making no further comment at this time.

The video was uploaded and hosted by ‘cycletourer8’

By the time of this posting it had been viewed over 144,000 times.

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