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Jury can’t agree on Old Bailey prosecution of couple for sex act during Paloma Faith Hyde Park concert

An Old Bailey judge says a couple on trial in the famous number One court for outraging public decency during a family Paloma Faith concert in Hyde Park have had ‘a chastening experience.’

The jury could not agree on the prosecution claim that 47 year old Lisanne Beck, 47, and her 48 year old boyfriend Simon Murphy should be convicted of a criminal offence.

Their intimate activity at the concert last September was filmed on a mobile and played back in the courtroom.

The court heard a 16 year old girl had to be shielded from observing what they were doing.

Prosecutor Tom Cleeve said:

What the couple in question were doing would be no crime at all in the privacy of their own home. It would be perfectly all right there. But not in Hyde Park in the middle of a concert.

The jury were unable to reach a verdict.

Judge Peter Rook QC said the prosecution have until Thursday to decide whether to pursue a retrial.

He said:

It must have been a harrowing experience. Whatever the Crown says, it will have been a chastening experience over the last few days, I’m sure everyone will agree with that.

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