Lord Mayor’s Appeal Hot Air Balloon Regatta

Air balloon regatta in aid of City of London Lord Mayor's appeal. Image: @NPASLondon

Air balloon regatta in aid of City of London Lord Mayor’s appeal. Image: @NPASLondon

A regatta of 50 hot air balloons gave colour to the London sky-line on Sunday in a special fund-raising event organised by the Lord Mayor of London.

National Police Air Service London (@NPASLondon) were in the best position to take spectacular images which they shared on their popular social media Twitter account.

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The flight aimed to ‘raise awareness and funds for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and to promote the City of London and those associated with it.’

The balloons took off from Shoreditch Park in Hackney for an hour-long flight between 5 and 6 am Sunday morning 7th June.

The ballooning event is the first of its kind over London that’s been attempted in more than two decades.

It’s in support of this year’s Lord Mayor’s Appeal that’s raising funds for Scope and Mencap.

One of the novelty balloons was a minion- described as a favourite of the NPAS London helicopter crew.


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