LFB Barbecue warning after house fire in Battersea

Barbecue fire in Battersea. Image: @LondonFire

Barbecue fire in Battersea. Image: @LondonFire

London Firefighters are reminding people to take extra care when barbecuing after a fire at a house on Dunston Road in Battersea.

The fire’s believed to have started after the owner left the lit barbecue unattended while briefly returning inside the property.

Station Manager Gareth Cook said:

The owner momentarily left the barbecue to go inside and get the meat and when he came back out the fire had spread and his garden was alight.

Always make sure you are fully prepared before you light the barbecue so you don’t have to leave it unattended, fortunately on this occasion no-one was injured.

If you’re planning a barbecue, it’s important to place the barbecue on level ground and make sure it is positioned away from anything flammable such as fences, overhanging trees and sheds.

Damage caused by barbecue fire. Image: @LondonFire

Damage caused by barbecue fire. Image: @LondonFire

Part of the ground floor and the entire garden shed were damaged in the blaze. Fencing to three adjacent properties were also damaged by fire.

Four fire engines and 21 firefighters and officers from Clapham, Battersea, Chelsea and Wandsworth fire stations attended the incident.

LFB Barbecue safety tips

  • Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby for emergencies
  • Barbecues must be placed on level ground so they don’t tip over
  • Only use approved barbecue fuel or fire lighters. Never use petrol or paraffin
  • When you have finished cooking, make sure the barbecue is cool before you try to move it
  • Empty the spent ash on to bare garden soil – never put it in the dustbin

For gas barbecues

  • If using gas, store gas cylinders outside, away from direct sunlight and frost
  • Make sure the tap is turned off before changing the gas cylinder
  • After cooking, turn the gas supply off first and then the barbecue control. This will stop any gas from leaking
  • Make sure all joints are tightened, safe and secure

The Brigade was called at 7.18 pm Monday 16th June and the fire was under control by 8.10 pm.

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