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Award-winning MA Radio alumna from Denmark has her sound feature ‘screened’ in London

The graphic seen when hearing Rikke Houd's programme in Danish at

The graphic seen when hearing Rikke Houd’s programme in Danish at Click through to hear the documentary.

The Hackney Picturehouse has presented an award-winning sound feature by the distinguished MA Radio alumna Rikke Houd.

Rikke is a Danish sound documentarist who studied at Goldsmiths in the late 1990s and is widely respected as one of the world’s leading creative story tellers in sound.


Earlier this month she won the prestigious 2015 In The Dark Audio Documentary Award, presented at Sheffield Documentary Festival.


On Thursday evening 25th June there was a rare opportunity to hear the Danish programme ‘in the dark’ but with English sub-titles at the Hackney Attic, Hackney Picturehouse, 270 Mare Street, London, E8 1HE.

The Woman on The Ice (Kvinden på Isen) was produced by Rikke Houd for Danish Podcast ‘Third Ear’ which has a huge following online.

Karen Roos- the subject of Rikke Houd's sound documentary.

Karen Roos- the subject of Rikke Houd’s sound documentary.

The 55 minute programme tells the story of Karen Roos, a young Danish woman, who disappeared on the ice outside the little Eastern Greenlandic settlement Angmassalik in 1933.

More than 80 years later radio producer Rikke Houd followed in her footsteps.

The piece was praised by the judges for ‘the sweep and scale of the sound design, the simplicity of the narrative and the way the vivid landscape was evoked, allowing it to become so implicated in the story.’

Speaking of the producer/narrator, they referred to ‘the ineffable thing that a storyteller can bring’ – and described Rikke’s approach as one of a humble and gentle maker who, without ever getting in the way, brought this story together with empathy and a singular vision.

Rikke has produced programmes for the world’s leading public radio broadcasters including the BBC, NRK (Norway), SR (Sweden), Third Ear, 24/7, DR (Denmark), RÚV, KNR, and CBC (Canada)

Head of Radio in the Department of Media and Communications at Goldsmiths, Professor Tim Crook said:

Rikke makes programmes capturing the poetry of humanity. Even if you don’t speak Danish by listening to her programmes you can appreciate the creativity and beauty of her story telling. She gently creates a sound world that engages your imagination with the heart of her subjects. She communicates through the universal art of radio and sound documentary. Her programmes are evocative and to quote Wordsworth ’emotion recollected in tranquility.’

You can hear more of Rikke’s ‘radio stories’ by following this link.

Rikke is currently in London working at the prestigious Falling Tree Productions in New Cross.

She is producing two programmes for the BBC which will be broadcast in English.

‘Archie Shepps message from Paris’ expected to be transmitted by BBC Radio 4, 7th July at 11.30 am.
‘A portrait of Horace Parlan’ expected to be broadcast on the BBC World Service 02:30 GMT Tuesday 14th July 2015.
Both programmes will also be available on the BBC’s Listen Again facility and BBC documentaries are usually permanently podcasted.

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