Multiple gun and grenade attacks in Paris- Massacre at Bataclan concert hall. Reports of at least 128 people killed over three hours. State of emergency in France. French President: ‘It’s horrific.’

Paris under attack. Image: Live Sky News Feed.

Paris under attack. Image: Live Sky News Feed.

It’s been reported by French media and official sources that at least 128 people have been killed in a series of deadly terrorist attacks all over the city.

At least 200 have been injured- 80 of them critically.

At least 80 of the victims died in a massacre at the Bataclan concert hall during a rock concert.

This is the biggest attack on mainland France and a scale of casualties not seen since the Second World War.

Police and prosecutor sources say that eight of the attackers are now dead.

Seven of them killed themselves with explosive belts.

Security forces are searching for accomplices.

The French authorities say there were six different coordinated attacks in Paris where victims were strafed with automatic gunfire, suicide bombing and grenade attacks.

The French President François Hollande visited the scene of the Bataclan massacre.

He said:

Our fight will be merciless…by a France determined, unified and pulled together…
This was an abomination and barbaric act.

The French President declared a state of emergency for the whole of France.

This is the first time this has happened since the Algerian War.

He’s closed all of the country’s borders.

In an emergency television address to the French people he said what had happened has been ‘horrific.’

He says the terrorist attacks are unprecedented in scale.

There’s been a large-scale mobilization of military and security forces.

Armed gunmen stormed into the Bataclan concert hall where there was a performance by a rock band from California.

The manager of the band, Eagles Of Death Metal, who were due to perform in the hall, has confirmed they are safe.

Witnesses have described the gunmen ‘executing’ people.

French security forces decided to mount a rescue operation.

Three of the suspected gunmen killed themselves by detonating suicide belts when an elite force of French police engaged the anti-siege operation at the hall.

A fourth attacker was shot dead.

The number of those killed reported in the Bataclan has been changing overnight.

The latest figure is that least 80 people have been killed.

US President Barack Obama has described what has happened as ‘outrageous.’

One attack has been carried out at a Cambodian restaurant in the centre of Paris.

Another attack has taken place close to the Stade de France where a friendly soccer match was taking place between France and Germany.

Explosions were heard while the match was underway and there are reports that this attack involved suicide bombers.

Live feed from Sky News

Foreign correspondents have described ‘confusion, chaos and carnage.’

People in Paris and its surrounding region have been advised to stay indoors.

The city and the whole of Île-de-France region is effectively under curfew.

Reactions of shock, sympathy and solidarity with the people of Paris are being expressed in London from the Prime Minister to emergency services.
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