Education Against Hate- government initiative launched in east London

Shamima Begum, Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana

Shamima Begum, Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana went missing in February 2015. They were thought to be heading to Syria to join ISIL. Image: CNN/YouTube

England’s Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is launching a website on ‘Education Against Hate’ as part of a renewed scheme to tackle terrorism and radicalisation.

Today she announced the proposal at Bethnal Green Academy in East London.

The website will offer advice to parents and teachers on how to spot radicalisation in children and pupils and the danger of online content that promotes extremism.

Ms Morgan said the website would give teachers and families ‘the expertise they need to challenge radical views and keep their children safe.’

It will include information on:

  • warning signs of danger
  • how parents should talk to children about extremism
  • steps concerned parents can take

Head of the NSPCC Peter Wanless also believes that in order to tackle extremism parents and teachers need to be aware of the ‘tell-tale signs of exploitation.’

He said:

We are contacted daily by worried parents and children themselves on all sorts of issues including radicalisation and dangers associated with extremism. Spotting the signs of such abuse has never been more important if we are to help protect children from sexual exploitation, gang-related activity or other hate crimes.

– Peter Wanless, Head of NSPCC

This initiative is part of a set of measures to protect ‘impressionable minds from radical views.’

A consultation will also take place about ensuring information is shared to track pupils leaving a school to move to another part of the country.

Ms Morgan formally announced the plans at the Bethnal Green Academy school where three female pupils attended before running away to Syria last February.

She said ‘improving intelligence” on where pupils went when they moved away from a school would cut the risk of ‘young, promising children falling under the spell of twisted ideologies.’

Astrid Hald gives the background on the three female students who ran away to join Islamic State. 

Written by Mariana Des Forges and Astrid Hald


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