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The collective exhaustion


Artie Vierkant: Antoine Office/Antoine Casual. Image: Louise Tjaerandsen

Are you exhausted? If yes, perhaps you should go see the new exhibition at Zabludowicz Collection and find out why.

The exhibition called ‘Use/User/Used’ focuses on the exhaustion we share as a community and the different societal structures that causes it.

The exhibition is part of the Testing Ground for Art and Education season and is Zabludowicz Collection’s way of supporting the development of new emerging curators and artists.

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Luís Araújo. Image: Louise Tjaerandsen

Luís Araújo is studying MFA Curating at Goldsmiths, University of London, and was together with eight other curator students, chosen to curate the exhibition.

According to him being constantly online and the pressure of always having to perform in both work and leisure time are some the factors that creates this collective fatigue.


In addition to the art installations, there will also be different performances throughout the duration of the exhibition.

On the opening night it was the artist Filippo Marzocchi and his eight performers, who made a sound performance using several microphones and the surrounding space.


Filippo Marzocchio’s performance. Image: Louise Tjaerandsen



Some of the microphones were dragged along the floor while others were used to touch the surface of the walls, which created a rough deep – almost distorted – noise.


Filippo Marzocchi is generally inspired by the structure of reality and present time, which was reflected in his use of the surrounding space and the live sound performance.



The next performance will be on Saturday 13th February and ‘Use/User/Used’ will end on the 21st February.

For more information about the exhibition’s artists and the Zabludowicz Collection in general visit their website here.

By Louise Tjaerandsen

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