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The Story of an Aspiring Actor


Image: Harriet Onyett

Acting is one of the most difficult professions to succeed in.

The idea of the ‘starving artist’ is prolific in modern culture with the idea that many who aspire to the heights of artistic fame will be unable to attain greatness.

I think much of the public perception of artists is negative.

And there’s the idea that ‘the artistic temperament’ is detrimental to a successful career.

There’s also the myth that actors can be seen as people who’ll do anything to reach the top.

But in my experience actors are filled with compassion and encouragement for their fellow actors.

I’ve seen first hand the effort put into pursuing the artistic dream; how any criticism can knock you down and make you feel unworthy.

Here’s the story of an aspiring actor who wants nothing more than to realise her dreams.

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