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Valentine’s Day for Love or Money?


My wooden heart. Image: Harriet Onyett

Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout the world on February 14th.

It’s billed as a day of love and romance but what is it really?

The run up to the day and the day itself is so saturated with commercialisation that some people refuse to celebrate it.

Maybe we’re all a bit pessimistic about the whole idea of a celebration being forced on us.

There is growth in the Anti-Valentine market with cards specifically angled at single people.

There seems to be a desire to get everyone involved in this already extremely commercial holiday.

Although the idea of the day is nice, a day that you remember your loved ones.

Even if you’re not in a relationship you can share the day with friends and family.

When you’re at school there’s speculation and excitement about who might get who a Valentine card from who.

The idea of suspense is something some of us have carried through into adulthood.

I spoke to a couple of Americans about their celebrations.

Maybe it’s a bigger day across the pond?

Everyone I spoke to is in agreement.

It’s a nice day to appreciate everyone you love.

Maybe we need to start a revolution, to be romantic on every other day but not February 14th.

People in a relationship don’t need a specific day and people who are single don’t need to be reminded.

On the other hand maybe it forces people to think romantically.

Humans are tactile beings, this day can act as a reminder that meeting people can be wonderful.


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