MP Ian Duncan Smith accuses Remain campaign of bullying

Ian Duncan Smith. Credit: Number 10

Ian Duncan Smith. Credit: Number 10

Conservative MP Ian Duncan Smith has criticised MPs in the Remain campaign of using ‘desperate and unsubstantiated claims.’

The Work and Pensions Secretary supports the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union.

He accused the government and the Remain campaign of bullying.

He said they have been using big business and finance chiefs to scare people into voting to remain.

Mr Duncan Smith told the Daily Mail:

In the last fortnight we have had a series of highly questionable dossiers – threatening almost biblical consequences if we dare to consider a future outside of the European Union.

LondonMultimediaNews asked Goldsmiths students if they still felt engaged with the EU debate and for their views on how it’s affected the Conservative Party.


Lars Hammer wants to stay in the EU. Credit: Hannah Twiggs.

23 year old Lars Hamer is a Media and Communications student.

He said:

I wouldn’t say I’m engaged but it’s there and I have my opinions on the EU. I want to stay in the EU, mainly because of the human rights act, and the fact that when we leave it’ll just be ten years of us on our own trying to sort out our own trade agreements.



Amen Gammy speaks to reporter Zak Thomas. Credit: Hannah Twiggs.

27 year old Amen Gammy said:

You can’t really formulate your own opinion, because I mean, I don’t know the ins and outs of the EU and our relationship to it, and I haven’t studied what will happen if we were to leave.


Creative Osha Alter speaks about divisions in the Conservative Party. Credit: Hannah Twiggs.

26 year old  Creative Writing student Osha Alter said:

I would say that it will have quite a big impact on the Conservative Party, you can already see that there are strong characters within the party like Boris Johnson who’s saying ‘let’s go out’ and you can see that there are real differences of opinion within the party.

The British public will vote on whether to remain in the EU on June 23 this year.

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