Londoner corrects tourists mislabelling Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge- Credit: Lamees Altalebi

Charles Lawley was a usual Londoner who gets annoyed of tourists renaming the capital’s famous landmarks up until he started to act upon it and correct people on Instagram.

He tells the story of how it all started.

Charles Lawley 'the Tower Bridge London Bridge guy'-Credit: Charles Lawley

Charles Lawley ‘the Tower Bridge London Bridge guy’-Credit: Charles Lawley

Since finding that there are many people on social media that mistake Tower Bridge for London Bridge, Charles saw it as his mission to correct this mislabelling.

His usual reply on pictures is as simple as: ‘That’s Tower Bridge, not London Bridge.’

Charles, then takes a screenshot of the conversation and posts the picture on Twitter showing tourists getting the name of the famous bridge wrong.

What makes Charles different from others is the character he plays on social media sites when correcting people on Instagram.

He describes the persona he creates:

Being corrected by strangers is not easy and most people do not like it.

This is why Charles has his arguments with tourists renaming landmarks.

He says that most of the responses he gets is that ‘a lot of people call it London Bridge’ hoping to justify the mistake made.

I spoke to Sherry who is originally from Australia and had been in London for four hours only.

She has her own idea of why she thinks people call Tower Bridge London Bridge.

Charles describes the moment he had an argument with a woman on social media and how their conversation came to a dead-end.

But Charles does not only point out people’s mistakes regarding mislabelling the two famous London bridges.

He keeps an eye out for other unforgivable errors.

An example would be Tower Bridge’s early 2016 New Year’s eve congratulation tweet.

Charles tell us that story.

During 2015, Charles also did a Halloween special correction when people on social media  dressed up as Frankenstein’s monster but used the hashtag Frankenstein.

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