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NME apologise to grime artist Stormzy for using him on their latest cover without permission


Jayjay Robertson – Image:

This week the NME’s front cover features a picture of Stormzy with the headline:  ‘Depression: it’s time to talk.’

The magazine used the image and story without permission from the musician who just released his number 1 album.

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Stormzy took to Twitter to express his opinion on the use of his image.

He names the magazine “the biggest bunch of sly, foul PAIGONS.”

Prior to this in an interview with Channel 4, Stormzy spoke about his struggles with his mental health.

In the interview he says “for me, it was a realisation of how fragile we are as humans.”

He continues: “I always saw myself as this strong person who just deals with life, I get on with it.”

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The musician has also said on Twitter “my issue is not about me speaking out about it.”

The magazines editor Mike Williams apologised Twitter.

London Multimedia News spoke to UK rapper and Mercury prize winner Speech Debelle on the subject.

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