Donald Trump Aims for Presidency

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore. Derived from Flickr.

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore. Derived from Flickr.

Donald Trump has just won another four primaries in four states this week, despite the increasing number of anti-Trump protests.

A rally in Chicago on March 11th was shut down for safety reasons due to protests.

There were reports of chaos and violence in the vicinity.

Mr. Trump has been accused of many things since the start of his campaign, and the Economist has recently placed him on their list of top worst things to happen to the world, should he win.

The magazine argues that he would adversely affect international relations and the economy.

It says his would be worse than Britain leaving the EU.

Donald Trump has been described as a populist who campaigns with the rhetoric of hate and fear-mongering.

His talks of building a wall on the Mexican border and stopping Muslim immigrants from entering the country, led to some commentators comparing him with Adolf Hitler.

Cece Egan, a student at Goldsmiths, University of London, accuses Mr. Trump of being very open with his white fascism:

If what you’re into is border control and creeping fascism, then I think he is actually someone who that would be enacted by. I think that his views are fascistic, and unfortunately there is a problem that that does appeal to a lot of white America.

Ashling Smith, another student at Goldsmiths, argues that Mr. Trumps’ more bigoted ideas are especially supported by the older generation of Americans:

I think Donald Trump is doing so well in American politics right now, because he has no set ideas of actual politics, but preying on backwards ideals of what they see as making America great again. I think he’s most like preying on mainly the older generation of America.

There is no sign of Trump slowing down as he races for the Republican nomination.

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