Research revealed we are happiest at 39

Happy photo by Carmela Nava

‘Happy photo’ Image: Carmela Nava – Creative Commons

A new study reveals 39 is the age Brits are most happy and 30 is when we are at our healthiest.

It appears in our late 30’s and early 40’s we are likely to own our own home, be settled with our soul mate and enjoy our chosen career.

A poll of over 2,000 Brits found this was due to men and women reaching their prime in their thirties after gaining a better sense of what they want out of their careers and relationships.



The research also discovered that men are most likely to enjoy ‘playing the field’ at the age of 25, but the average women says she made the most of being young, free and single at the age of 23.

Psychologist, Donna Dawson says finding a soul mate occurs just months before we are able to enjoy the best sex of our lives as we approach our 33rd birthday.

We asked members of the public what they thought was their happiest age:

The study suggests the average person is building a foundation in their 20’s with completing university, starting a career/job, trying a few relationships out for size, making plenty of mistakes, learning from them and working out what we really want from life.

Donna also established overall that a reassuring 84 per cent of the population are currently either very happy or mostly happy, with only 16 per cent of those polled – or around one in six – unhappy.

She also found that 67 per cent of the poll believed in afterlife but 33 per cent did not agree.


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