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The jukebox – anything but outdated


A selection of Mr and Mrs Webb’s jukeboxes. Image: Louise Tjaerandsen

On the outside the houses on Colebrook Row in Islington look fairly similar – only the house numbers and the colour of the front door seem to differ.

However, walking past the window of one of them your eye might catch something unusual.

It’s filled with old vintage jukeboxes.

David and Margrethe Webb live in the house and have committed their spare time to buying, restoring and selling vintage jukeboxes.

The passion for jukeboxes initially started when Mr. Webb, who used to buy and sell other antiques for people, one day had a client who wanted a vintage jukebox but failed to show up when Mr. Webb had purchased it.

Mr. Webb kept the jukebox and it sparked an interest in these old music playing devices.

Jukeboxes 1

A Wurlitzer Model 1700 from 1954. Image: Louise Tjaerandsen

According to Mrs. Webb listening to the jukebox is a social activity in comparison to many of the modern ways of listening to music.

With a jukebox, she claims, you discuss what you are going to play and watching the jukebox select the different vinyls becomes a form of entertainment and a shared experience.

Mrs. Webb has a close bond to her jukeboxes and states that she wouldn’t sell one to someone she didn’t like.

She also stresses that if you’re thinking of buying a jukebox you have to make sure you’re buying the right one:

A jukebox, just like a puppy, is for life – not just for Christmas – so bear that in mind because you got to choose one that you bond with.

Mrs. Webb also says that it’s difficult to predict who’s going to buy a jukebox and says their clients range from taxi drivers to London celebrities.

For more about Mrs. Webb, her relation to her jukeboxes and the buyers,  listen below to the creative feature by Louise Tjaerandsen.

If you are interested in buying a jukebox, or just looking through Mr. and Mrs. Webb’s collection, visit their website here.

Written by Louise Tjaerandsen.

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  1. I love jukeboxes! They are and will for be forever a classic. They are so fun to scroll through to find the right song. And the only thing better than scrolling through one is dancing to its music!

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