Junior Doctor’s strike and other news


NHS logo Wikimedia Commons

For the first time in NHS history, junior doctors are conducting an all out strike which will last until 5 pm tomorrow.

Despite this being the fourth walkout this year, it is the first time that cover of emergency services has been affected.

This has affected public support for the strike.

57 per cent of the public still support the strike, according to a BBC poll conducted between the 22nd and 24th of April.

But the percentage has decreased from 65 per cent in March.

Mitsubishi Motors has admitted to falsifying some of their fuel consumption tests since 1991.

Al Riddell has more information on the affected cars.

Conservative mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith has made claims that labour candidate Sadiq Khan has been sharing a stage with extremists.

Tom Hill has more:

One of London’s most famous landmarks will fall silent over the next few years.

The bongs of Big Ben will stop because urgent repair work needs to be carried out on the clock and the tower that houses it.

The renovations will cost 29 million pounds.

Shadow immigration minister Keir Starmer has vowed that Labour will keep fighting to help unaccompanied child refugess enter the UK, despite last night’s vote in the Commons.

The government voted against a cross-party ammendment to the Immigration bill.

Tyler Hill reports:

Energy supplier Scottish Power is to pay 18 million pounds for customer service failings, linked to a new computer system.

Al Riddell explains what will be done with the recovered money.


Prince playing at Coachella 2008. Image: penner Flickr

After the passing of the iconic, legendary and award-winning artist, Prince, Adela Earlington has the latest on the star’s musical triumphs.

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