London mayoral election 2016

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This week is the last week of campaigning for London Mayor, as voters head to the polls this Thursday.

The leading candidates in the race are Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith and Labour candidate Sadiq Khan.

Zac Goldsmith wants to double the rate of home building and offer Londoners the first opportunity to buy homes in London.

Sadiq Khan wants to make 50% of the new homes that are built in London more affordable and to freeze the prices of transport throughout London.

The candidate third in the race is Sian Berry of the Green party.


Green Party advert at London Bridge. (Image: Harriet Oyett)

The Greens are the only party to talk about rent control in Central London and they want to close City Airport.

The Liberal Democrats have put forward Caroline Pidgeon, the only candidate who is currently sitting in City Hall and has been since 2008.

Her key policies are stopping the Garden Bridge and introducing half price fares for all travelling before 7.30 am.

UKIP, who came third in the popular vote in the 2015 general election, have put forward Peter Whittle.

He’s campaigning for stop and search laws to tackle youth crime.

Those are the five parties with MPs in the House of Commons.

There are 6 remaining parties who have put forward candidates.

There is also an independent candidate running.

David Furness of the BNP supports London Taxis in their fight for fair pay.

George Galloway and his party RESPECT is standing for ‘A London for All’ and is pushing Mr Galloway’s social media presence and political experience.

Paul Golding the leader of Britain First wants to ban immigration into Britain.

Lee Harris of Cannabis is safer than alcohol wants to legalise and regulate cannabis claiming ‘prohibition has failed.’

Ankit Love of the One Love party is running on a platform of unity and love for all primarily ‘Chemical Air Wastes of Mass Destruction.’

This is how the party refers to air pollution.

Woman’s Equality Party and Sophie Walker are running on a platform of equal pay and fair promotion.

They are also aiming to make public transport accessible for all.

Prince Zylinski, is the one independent candidate.

Mr. Zylinski states he is ‘standing up for the Poles, which no one has ever done before’.

There is more information about all of the candidates on the candidates’ websites and on the candidates’ twitter feeds.


Mayoral election billboard (Image: Harriet Onyett)

There seems to be an emphasis on the EU referendum in the media over the London mayoral election.

This maybe because many of the candidates are running with strong ideas on the referendum and are using it as a leading concern of their platform.

There are a large amount of elections taking place on May 5th, not just the race for London Mayor:


Although the registration for London mayoral voting has closed, here’s advice on how to register for the EU referendum vote and other council/general elections.

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