Breakthrough for UKIP?


United front: (from left) UKIP’s Peter Whittle, Nigel Farage and David Kurten launch the London campaign poster for this week’s elections

The UK Independence Party unveiled its campaign poster today with a clear message on immigration – and high hopes for election success later in the week.

Party leader Nigel Farage was joined by Peter Whittle, the UKIP candidate for London Mayor, and David Kurten, who is running for a seat on the London Assembly.

As the party gains support in the capital, Mr Farage said he was confident of a ‘Breakthrough Thursday.’

The latest polls indicate that Peter Whittle now ranks third in the race for London Mayor, with a seven-per-cent share of first-preference votes.

Mr Whittle, also UKIP’s Spokesman for Culture, still has some way to go to match the popularity of front runners Zac Goldsmith and Sadiq Khan (32 and 48 per cent respectively) but UKIP’s prospects look a lot brighter than they did back at 2012, when Lawrence Webb finished sixth in the local elections. 

So what are the party promising Londoners if they do see success on May 5th?

Londonmultimedianews interviewed Peter Whittle and David Kurten on their hopes for Thursday and their vision for London.

David Kurten says he’s confident UKIP would win at least two London seats in Thursday’s election.

He also promised swift action in slashing bus fares in the capital – and explains the story behind the party’s campaign poster.

As the politicians posed for the press, party leader Nigel Farage made a suitably on-message quip to a photographer.

For more information on the UKIP candidate and all other candidates running in the London Mayoral race see other postings on

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