Last day of London Mayoral campaigning- bias in the media coverage?

A leading professor of journalism says the Evening Standard has shown political bias in their reporting of the London Mayoral campaign.

Professor Angela Phillips from Goldsmiths, University of London has been researching the content of news and editorial articles.

The Standard today says it has been ‘even-handed’ in its election coverage, though its eve of poll editorial  advises voters to support Zac Goldsmiths  for London Mayor.

Professor Phillips says:

Obviously numbers of articles is not the same as equal coverage and there’s no way that this coverage has been equal.

On the eve of the London mayoral election, we ask the public for their view:

Today is the last day of campaigning in the London mayoral race.

Voting is to take place tomorrow 5th May.


Marianna Des Forges spoke to Labour supporter Tom Jewsbury and Conservative supporter Bethan Totham and asked them how they feel about the candidates:


Londonmultimedianews provides short biographies of the London Mayoral candidates:


For information on all of the candidates and their policies.

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