Voting for London Mayor

London City Hall, England.

London City Hall, England. Image: Gary Knight, Flickr, Wikipedia Creative Commons

Londoners take to the polls today to decide the next London Mayor and vote in their representatives for the London Assembly.

LMM News visits one of the many stations opening across the capital.

The voting process for London Mayor and the London Assembly is quite different to a general election using a system of first and second preferences.

We explain just how voting in this election works.

Londoners will be presented with three ballot papers in the polling booths.

The pink ballot paper is for London Mayor where voters may give a first and second preference.

Voters then have two ballot papers to choose the two different types of London Assembly member.

The yellow ballot paper is used to choose a constituency member who, if elected, will represent their area of London.

The orange ballot paper is used to choose one of the 11 additional London-wide assembly members, who represent the whole city.

This time, voters choose one political party or an individual standing as an independent candidate.

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