Labour’s Sadiq Khan announced as new Mayor for London

SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon hailing 'historic third term victory' in Scottish Parliament election- though not clear if SNP will have overall majority. Image: Sky News screen grab.

SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon hailing ‘historic third term victory’ in Scottish Parliament election- though SNP does not have overall majority. Image: Sky News screen grab. Click through for Sky News online

01.00 a.m.

That’s the end of the elections’ live blog here on Londonmultimedianews.

Thanks for joining us- Al Riddell, Harriet Onyett and Mariana Des Forges reporting.

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Elections Roundup

Across England and Wales, Labour have become the first opposition to lose council seats in midterm since 1985 – they are down 24 seats, and have won 1179 in total.

The Conservatives are also down, by 26, and have won 675 seats.

The Liberal Democrats have picked up an extra 30 seats, taking them to 297.

Ukip have picked up 26 seats, taking them to 55.


Labour have won the mayoral races in Salford, Liverpool and London.

The third mayor of London has officially been announced as Labour’s Sadiq Khan.

Labour also won two parliamentary by-elections by comfortable margins in Ogmore and Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough.

In Sheffield Gill Furniss succeeded her late husband, Harry Harpham, whose son also became a councillor in the city.

In Wales, 60 seats are up for grabs.

Labour are down 1 to 29 seats – two seats short of a majority.

In second place are Plaid Cymru, up one to to 12.

In third place are the Conservatives, down three to 11.

Ukip have entered the Welsh Assembly for the first time with seven seats.

The Liberal Democrats are down to just one seat having lost four.



In Scotland, with 129 out of 129 seats declared, the SNP have 63 seats – down 4, and two short of a majority.

In second place are the Conservatives, with 31 seats, up 16.

In third place are Labour with 24 seats, down 13.

The Greens have picked up four seats and now have six in total.

The Liberal Democrats have held steady at five seats in total.

The SNP will govern alone as a minority administration.


12.45 a.m. The new Mayor for London, Labour’s Sadiq Khan says Londoners have chosen ‘hope over fear’ and ‘unity over division.’

He says he grew up on a council estate only a few miles from City Hall and back then he could never have dreamt that somebody like him could have been elected Mayor for London.

He is proud that he and his team had run a positive campaign.

He promises to be a Mayor for all Londoners and that he would work hard to create the opportunities that Londoners had given to him.

The candidate for Britain First, Paul Golding, turned to show his back to the audience during Mr Khan’s acceptance speech.




12.33 a.m.

Labour supporters are filing out of City Hall, looking pretty happy with tonight’s result.

LMM News reporter Al Riddell has been speaking to some of them after this major boost to their party’s fortunes.

Sadiq Khan hears the declaration of his election as London Mayor at City Hall. Image: Screen grab of live Sky News coverage.

Sadiq Khan hears the declaration of his election as London Mayor at City Hall. Image: Screen grab of live Sky News coverage. Click through for Sky News Online.

One Labour activist and local labour social secretary explains why he thinks London needs a mayor like Sadiq Khan.

After being inspired to join the labour party by Sadiq Khan’s mayoral campaign, Mohammad, a labour supporter, explains what Mr Khan’s first priority will be:

One victorious labour supporter tells Londonmultimedianews why he thinks Sadiq Khan will govern for the benefit of all citizens, not just the few.

12.22 a.m. Sadiq Khan elected new mayor of London with majority of the vote after adding first and second preference votes.


No candidate won 50% of the overall vote, therefore the second preference votes had to be counted.

The second preferences were added to Labour candidate Sadiq Khan and Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith to ascertain the winner of the London mayoral race.


12.17 a.m.


12.14 a.m.


12.05 a.m.

The Green Party leader Natalie Bennett has been speaking to LMM News reporter Al Riddell outside City Hall, where the count for London Mayor is nearly finalised.

Ms Bennett’s Greens look in good shape after this election.

They enjoyed a strong result in Scotland and London Mayoral candidate, Sian Berry, is set to finish in third place.

She summarised her party’s performance:

Ms Bennett also told LMM News what the Green’s London assembly members will look to achieve during their tenure.

The Green Party leader thinks Sadiq Khan is her preferred choice for London mayor out of the two leading candidates, after Zac Goldsmith’s ‘nasty and really vicious’ campaign.

23.59 p.m.

23.48 p.m. Northern Ireland Assembly elections see the Democratic Unionist Party win 26 seats with more than half of the seats being filled.


23.35 p.m.


23.34 p.m. London wide assembly members are announced. The assembly members include the Green Party, Liberal Democrat and UKIP mayoral candidates.




22.32  p.m.   As it gets dark everyone appears to know that the Tooting Labour MP Sadiq Khan is the new Mayor for London, but everyone has to wait for the official confirmation.

22.26 p.m. London Elects puts out statement from the Returning Officer to explain the delay in confirming the London Mayoral election result.

Statement explaining delay over declaration of London Mayoral election result. Image: Screengrab from London Elects web site.

Statement explaining delay over declaration of London Mayoral election result. Image: Screengrab from London Elects web site.

21.53 p.m.  Agence France Press have profiled Sadiq Khan as having risen from a housing estate to City Hall.

21.45 p.m.  The official declaration for the London Mayoral election is not expected to be announced until around midnight.

There are reports there has been a counting error.

City Hall is currently counting the second preference vote.

21.14 p.m. Many recriminations being sounded within the Conservative Party about what has been described as Zac Goldsmith’s ‘divisive’ and ‘dog whistle’ campaign.

Ex Conservative mayoral candidate Steven Norris said there was ‘no use having a dog whistle when everybody can hear it.’

Former Tory chair, Sayeeda Warsi, said: ‘Our appalling dog whistle campaign for London Mayor 2016 lost us the election, our reputation & credibility on issues of race and religion.’

Zac Goldsmith’s sister Jemima said: ‘Sad that Zac’s campaign did not reflect who I know him to be- an eco friendly, independent- minded politician with integrity.’

20.55 p.m. French Prime Minister sends Sadiq Khan his congratulations though the election result has not been formally declared.

20.18 p.m. Ankit Love, the One Love candidate comes out of City Hall to thank his supporters.

Whereas Labour’s Sadiq Khan is expected to win the election and be announced the new Mayor for London, Mr. Love has polled the least amount of votes.

20.05 p.m. Londonmultimedianews reporter Al Riddell at City Hall for formal announcement of results of London Mayoral election.

19.35 p.m. City Hall prepares to announce the result of the ballot for the election of Mayor for London.

19.10 p.m.  Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn congratulates Sadiq Khan and looks forward to working with him.

Mr Khan will be the most powerful Labour politician in the United Kingdom.

19.03 p.m. Labour sources say Sadiq Khan has won a landslide with 1.1 million votes- highest personal mandate of any single politician in Britain.

There’s been a 45% turn-out.

Labour’s Sadiq Khan has achieved 44% of the ballot and the Conservatives 35%.

Sky News 'called' the election for Labour's Sadiq Khan. Image: Screen grab of Sky News output.

Sky News ‘called’ the election for Labour’s Sadiq Khan. Image: Screen grab of Sky News output. Click through for Sky News online.

18.55 p.m. Labour are not expected to have an overall majority in the Greater London Assembly.

The announcement of the result for the Mayoral election expected shortly.

The son of a bus driver brought up in social housing and human rights lawyer, Sadiq Khan, is expected to become the first elected Muslim Mayor of a European city.
18.37 p.m.

18.35 p.m. Sky News is calling the London Mayoral election as a victory for Labour’s Sadiq Khan.

The news service is saying it’s mathematically impossible for Zac Goldsmith to win.

18.10 p.m. The London Elects live website count shows Labour’s Sadiq Khan ahead as the ballot papers are counted.

Counting is in the closing stages.

It’s almost certain that Mr. Khan will be the new Mayor for London.

His success will be a significant boost to Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of warding off a leadership challenge.

London Elects live vote counting at 18.10 p.m. Image: Screen grab from

London Elects live vote counting at 18.10 p.m. Image: Screen grab from

18.05 p.m.

18.03 p.m.

18.02 p.m.

17.38 p.m.

17.26 p.m.

17.24 p.m.

17.20 p.m.

16.59 p.m.

16.59 p.m.

16.58 p.m.


16.51 p.m. As counts are coming in for the London Assembly, the London mayoral race continues. LondonMMNews will be on the scene at city hall when the next London mayor is announced.

16.07 p.m.


16.05 p.m.

15.45 p.m.

15.26 p.m.

14.45 p.m.

14.30 p.m.

13.41 p.m. Update on London mayoral poll count and London Assembly poll count. While losing seats throughout Britain Labour seems to be maintaining a lead in the London mayoral race and the London Assembly seats as counting continues.

13.40 p.m. The biggest winners in the England local councils after majority of votes have been counted are the Liberal Democrats and UKIP.

The SNP only 2 seats short of an overall majority in Scotland. The SNP became the first party to stay in power in Scotland for a third term.



12.19 p.m. Jeremy Corbyn speaking after a loss in Scotland, worse since 1910

11.50 a.m. Labour fails to gain overall majority in Wales lacking only 2 seats

11.45 a.m. Latest London Mayoral count and the latest London Assembly count



10.47 a.m. Votes being counted across the country


10.33 a.m. Labour are having to come to terms with their catastrophic decline in Scotland- a part of the United Kingdom where they had a tradition and track-record of political dominance throughout most of the 20th century.

10.21 a.m. The final results in Scotland. The Scottish Nationalists have lost seats and their overall majority- perhaps an indication that Scottish voters wanted some tangible opposition.
There’s evidence there may have been tactical voting.
The Tories are very happy taking second place with 31 seats.
The Greens are also happy having made 4 gains.
Labour are having to come to terms with a crushing electoral defeat and the humiliation of finishing third behind the Tories.

10.20 a.m. Many parts of the country have decided to hold their counts during the day rather than over night immediately after the polls closed at 10 p.m.

9.50 a.m. Scottish Nationalists- most votes and seats at Holyrood- but no overall majority.

9.45 a.m. What is London going to do without Boris as its Mayor:


9.15 a.m.  Scottish Nationalists top the poll in elections for Holyrood Parliament in Edinburgh but tactical voting means they have lost their overall majority.

The Conservative Party has pushed Labour into third place.

9.10 a.m. The Tories enjoy their best result in Scottish Parliamentary elections. They’ve beaten Labour into third place.

9.05 a.m. The SNP look set win historic third term in the election for the Scottish Parliament.

The Tories have taken second place with 31 seats- pushing Labour into third.

The SNP do not have an overall majority.

Labour have held their seats in the two Westminster Parliamentary by-election contests in Ogmore and Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough.
Exit polls predict Labour’s Sadiq Khan is going to beat Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith in the London Mayoral election.

If the polls are correct, Mr. Khan will become the first Muslim mayor of an EU capital.

Labour’s results in Wales are better than expected with Plaid Cymru making gains.

Labour’s disastrous showing in Scotland giving strength to Labour politicians critical of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn being door-stepped this morning by the media after his party’s disastrous results in Scotland. Image: Sky News screen grab. Click through for Sky News online.


Al Riddell, Harriet Onyett and Mariana Des Forges are your reporters for this live news blog on the results of the 2016 May elections.

We’ll be keeping you informed of the outcome of local, regional, mayoral, assembly and parliamentary elections in London, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland along with reaction and analysis.

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