Europe Day: Pros and Cons of Brexit

Outside the Commission. Image: Xavier Häpe, Wikipedia Creative Commons

Outside the Commission. Image: Xavier Häpe, Wikipedia Creative Commons.

May 9th marks one of the two designations of Europe Day, celebrating peace and unity in Europe.

However, with Britain’s Brexit referendum fast approaching, Prime Minister David Cameron marked the day with a warning.

He says an out vote could jeopardise peace in Europe and threaten instability.

With the referendum on the 23rd June just over 6 weeks away, LMM News look at some of the arguments surrounding the debate.

One of the major campaign issues has been migration, with greater control of Britain’s borders competing with rival calls for defending freedom of movement currently granted by EU membership.

We spoke to migration researcher Dr. Michaela Benson, at Goldsmiths College, who spoke about her concerns over the use of migration as a campaign tool.

The migration issue is two-way however, and for around 2 million Briton’s living abroad in the EU, leaving could cause problems.

Indeed, a recent House of Lords report suggests Brexit would leave the legal status of expats unclear, with subsequent years of negotiations proving what it called ‘a complex and daunting task.’

Dr. Benson, whose research has previously covered British retirees in rural France, warns of caution in attempting to predict the likely effects of Brexit on expats.

A recent prominent voice in the Brexit debate has been US President Barrack Obama who reiterated fears of Britain being marginalised on the world stage, claiming the country would end up ‘at the back of the queue.’

The Brexit campaign has proved highly divisive in British politics producing both cross party splits and surprising collaborations of interest, such as between Nigel Farage and George Galloway.

Despite David Cameron’s comments in support of staying in he’s faced opposition from fellow Conservative and former London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Video courtesy of the Press Association

For more information on the EU referendum and to register to vote, visit the government’s site here.

Information is also available from the official Vote Leave and Stronger in Europe campaigns.

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