Heathrow- longer quiet period, Iraqi car bomb & other stories

Heathrow's control tower. Image: Maarten Visser

Heathrow’s control tower. Image:
Maarten Visser Wikipedia Creative Commons License

Heathrow has announced plans to have a longer quiet period of reduced flights over night.

Frances Ainley explains the change in policy.

Iraqi car bomb

A car bomb at a crowded market town in northern Baghdad has killed at least 64 people leaving around 87 others injured.

So-called Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the attack which is one of the worst in Iraq recently.

In an on-line statement, the extremist group claimed to be targeting Shia millitamen.

However Iraqi police and medical sources have said the victims include women and children.


NHS – vulnerable patients

A new report has found that vulnerable patients are enduring harrowing ordeals after being discharged from hospitals with very little support.

Many are often readmitted soon after.

Katie’s grandmother contracted sepsis whilst in hospital for a leg injury, and she spoke to LMMNews’ Mariana de Forges.


West Ham

West Ham United say they will give lifetime bans to those involved in yesterday’s crowd trouble at the Boleyn Ground, as The Hammers played their final match there against Manchester United.


Al Riddell was there for London Multimedia News.

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