Study reveals mental health services denied to a fifth of families and other news

Mental Health services have been denied to 1 in 5 families, according to a new study. Image: Pixabay cretiove commons licence.

Mental Health services have been denied to 1 in 5 families, according to a new study. Image: Pixabay creative commons licence.

A study has revealed that almost a fifth of families seeking assistance from Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services are not being provided with the help they need.

Nikola Dye has a 14 year-old daughter who’s been admitted to a children’s ward 5 times in just over a year for self-harm, anorexia, and depression.

She’s written a letter to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to demand changes to the way mental health issues in young people are handled.

She told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme:

I want a complete overhaul of the services that are involved in looking after young people.

It’s completely underfunded, their hands are tied, they don’t have the services to look after my daughter and thousands of other children.

We need help in our communities because children are at a massive risk.

Police in London and Birmingham have made Islamic State linked arrests, this morning.

Al Riddell has the latest on the police action.

The home secretary will be speaking with front line police today over the option of using taser guns.

In England and Wales, statistics show that over a third of officers suffer from physical violence at least once a month.

And still only 1 in 10 officers are armed with tasers.

Police have said they need taser guns to defend themselves.

Image: Flickr- TipsTimesAdmin. Click through to reach TipsTimesAdmin's Flickr account.

A new study finds young mums may be at a greater risk of losing their jobs. Image: Flickr- TipsTimesAdmin. Click through to reach TipsTimesAdmin’s Flickr account.

Women under the age of 25 may be six times more likely than older women to be dismissed from their jobs after getting pregnant.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission found that young mothers were also twice as likely to quit their jobs once they have announced their pregnancy.

Jo Swinson from the charity Maternity action says that many employers see young mums as easy targets.

The MP said:

Younger women in the workplace tend to be less established in their careers. They’re perhaps on lower incomes.

They’re already in a vulnerable situation and it looks like employers are exploiting that fact.

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