Average life expectancy to pass 90 by 2030

Human life expectancy is set to reach the 90's by 2030

Human life expectancy is set to reach the 90’s by 2030. Image: Evan Amos – public domain

A study from the World Health Organisation and Imperial college London has found that average life expectancy will reach over 90 years by 2030.

South Korean women will be the first to reach the average of over 90.

The data has also suggested that Japan, once one of the leading countries for long life expectancy, will fall down the rankings.

The United States is predicted to have the lowest life expectancy among rich countries, hitting an average of 80 for men and 83 for women – equivalent to the prediction for neighbours Mexico.

The US will also be overtaken by other continental neighbours like Chile, who are set to achieve an average of 81 for men and 87 for women.

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By 2030, the average British citizen can expect to reach 82 if male, and 85 if female.

However, the prediction does not factor in unpredictable world events, such as medical breakthroughs or wars.

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