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Bringing back the Woolly Mammoth and other nature stories

Artist's impression of a woolly "mammoth" from the early 1800s, courtesy Rhino Resource Center

Artist’s impression of a woolly ‘mammoth’ from the early 1800s, Image: Rhino Resource Centre

Scientists have revealed the prehistoric woolly mammoth is on the brink of de-extinction.

Researchers at Harvard are creating a hybrid embryo, using gene editing of the modern Asian elephant, which is endangered.

Professor George Church, who helped develop the gene-editing tool used in the experiment, claimed that the program could help to reduce or even reset human ageing within the next ten years.

Arbitrary steps to fitness

It has been claimed that a fitness goal of 10,000 steps per day is an arbitrary goal for many people.

Professor Greg Hager, from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, explained that a goal of 10,000 steps was introduced by Japan in the 1970s, for men who consumed 3000 calories per day.

Professor Hager argues the goal can do more harm than good, overall, for people physically incapable of meeting the daily total.

Attenborough to voice Blue Planet 2

Sir David Attenborough will lend his voice to the BBC’s Blue Planet 2, a sequel to the original series that aired 16 years ago.

The BBC Natural History Unit has worked in conjunction with marine scientists during production.

Following on from Planet Earth II, which aired late last year, the series has spent four years in production, filming in every ocean of the world.

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