‘Hefty bill’ for Britain to exit the EU and other top stories at 11am

Image by Rlevente

European commission president, Jean Claude Junker has said that a ‘cut-price or zero cost’ exit will not be available to the UK.

Junker told the Belgian federal parliament that the UK freely entered into the European Union and thus must respect the agreed terms for exiting.

Negotiations continue in the House of Lords regarding how the UK wants to determine the leaving process.

WW2 bomb found in Portsmouth harbour

An unexploded WW2 bomb has been found in Portsmouth harbour during dredging work being carried out by the Royal Navy.

The bomb was considered to be a threat but has now been safely detonated off the coast of the Isle of Wight.

This was the second unexploded bomb found in Portsmouth harbour in four days.

Scotland to receive new BBC channel

A new TV channel will be broadcast in Scotland starting in the summer of 2018.

Director-general Tony Hall announced that he will invest £20 million a year in the channel for Scotland to make programs to be broadcast nationwide.

The channel will generate 80 new journalist job opportunities and it is hoped this will result in a more representative BBC.

World’s first transgender doll unveiled in New York

The world’s first transgender doll, named Jazz, has been unveiled at a toy fair in New York.

The doll is based on US trans activist Jazz Jennings and it is hoped that it will promote a positive image of the trans community.

The doll will cost £72 and will be released for sale this summer.

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