North Korean diplomat suspected in Kim Jong-nam killing


There have been significant developments regarding the inquest into the killing of Kim Jong-nam.

Malaysian police have nameed a senior embassy official they intend to question in connection with the murder.

Hyon Kwang Song is one of the suspects named along with two others including an employee of the state airline, Air Koryo.

Police Chief, Abu Bakar, spoke at a press conference on Wednesday and disclosed they were looking for three North Koreans as well as the other suspects already announced.

In relation to the questioning of the supects Bakar added, ‘if the ambassador does not co-operate we will compel them to come to us.’

North Korea’s embassy in Malaysia strongly denies the recent claims by police that Kim Jong-num died after being exposed to poison by two women at Kuala Lumpur airport.

They’re calling for the immediate release of the ‘innocent females.’

IS bomber, Ronald Fiddler was former Guantanamo Bay detainee

A British man is said to have detonated a suicide bomb attacking Iraqi Forces in a village South of Mosul.

According to the Daily Mail Ronald Fiddler was reported to have been paid up to £1m in compensation after being released from the notorious US detention centre, Guantanamo.

IS have given him the name, Abu Zakariya al Britani in order to indicate his background.


He is believed to have been captured in 2002 by US forces and was one of five Britons to be freed in 2004.

South Korean women’s life expectancy to exceed 90 new study show

Researchers from the World Health Organisation and Imperial College London have predicted longer life spans for people in thirty-five industrialised countries.

Data points towards South Korean women exceeding 90 by 2030.

Prof Majid Ezzat put this down to factors such as education, nutrition, and the fact that they are ‘better at dealing with hypertension.’

Analysis also forecasts that Japan will fall in global rankings in the coming years despite their current longevity.

The study determines the US is expected to have the lowest life expectancy of the rich countries by 2030.

Overall the gender gap will begin to close with men slowly but surely catching up with women.

Millions of children could die as South Sudan famine looms

The United Nations has declared that around 100,000 people face starvation in the recently announced Famine – the first in any part of the world in six years

Humanitarian groups have said that urgent help is needed in order to prevent the crisis from spreading.

The UN has warned that Yemen, Somalia and Nigeria are also at risk of famine.

Unicef Director Anthony Lake has appealed for quick action saying ‘we can still save lives.’

More than half the population in Unity State has been affected by the famine.

Oxfam’s humanitarian programme Manager, Jane Drew, says ‘people have been pushed to the brink’ and denouned the famine a ‘man-made tragedy’ which has been steadily growing worse since the civil war began three years ago.


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