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Writer responds to backlash over Eastenders racism storyline


The Queen Vic pub, victim of racist graffiti. Image: Matt Pearson

The Queen Vic pub, victim of racist graffiti. Image: Matt Pearson

An Eastenders scriptwriter has defended his episode after public backlash over its content.

Following a racism and xenophobia themed episode, during which the words ‘Poles go home’ were graffitied on the Queen Vic, writer Leo Richardson has taken to twitter to address some of the public outcry over the episode.

Some viewers accused the episode and the BBC of having an ‘anti-Brexit agenda’.

Writer Richardson was quick to fire back at critics, however, defending his storyline as ‘a very real problem in Britain today.’


Others were on hand to leap to the scriptwriter’s defence as well, praising Richardson and Eastenders for tackling relevant societal issues.


In the scene, Danny Dyer’s character Mick Carter is seen jet washing the offensive message off the door of the pub.

Denise Fox (Diane Parish) asks “what on earth is going on in this place?” before Konrad Topolski (Piotr Baumann) replies: “It is the Britain we live in now.”

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