Madrid bans anti transgender bus and other international stories

Anti Transgender bus. Image:@TheEusdens

The bus with the anti transgender message. Image:@TheEusdens

A bright orange bus carrying an anti transgender message has been forced off the road after Madrid council  agreed that it incited hatred.

The message reads ‘Boys have penises, girls have vulvas. Do not be fooled.’

A Catholic group, Hazte Oir, had planned to take it on a nationwide tour of Spanish cities.

It is believed to be a response to posters put up in northern Spain by a transgender rights group.

The bus is currently being held by Madrid police.

Anders Breivik has lost his human rights case against Norway
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An Oslo court has overturned a lower court judgement that mass murderer Anders Breivik had been treated inhumanely in prison.

Breivik, who was convicted of killing 77 people in 2011, will file an appeal.

This was announced immediately after the verdict.

The lower court had argued that the long periods of isolation and solitary confinement had been detrimental to his health.

However, the high court ruled that,’Breivik is not, and has not, been subjected to torture or inhuman or degrading treatment.’

They also ruled that his right to privacy, through strict control over his outside communications, had not been violated.

The Obamas have agreed a book deal

The Obamas have negotiated a book deal thought to be worth $65m (£52.5m).

The couple have signed with Penguin Random House, who fought off competition from other publishers to secure the deal.

The Obamas plan to give a ‘significant portion’ of the book’s proceeds to charity, including to the Obama Foundation.

The former president has already written two books and the former first lady has also a published book, ‘American Grown’, a gardening book released in 2012.

Mr Obama plans to write a memoir of his time in office, while Mrs Obama plans to write a work for young people.

Barack and Michelle. Image @BarackObama

Barack and Michelle. Image @BarackObama

King Salman has packed 460 tonnes for a nine day trip

King Salman of Saudi Arabia is taking 460 tonnes of luggage on a trip to Indonesia and other parts of Asia.

The luggage also comes with an entourage of 1,500 people.

The baggage includes a selection of Mercedes limousines and a special set of escalators and lifts to aid the 81 year old in boarding and leaving his plane.


King Salman in Malaysia. Image: @DPMOMalaysia

The king was greeted at the airport by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, and was also given a guard of honour.

When finished in Malaysia, he is due to visit Brunei, Japan, China and the Maldives.

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