Sound Women comes to an end

sound women

Sound Women – Image:

Sound Women the group set up to raise awareness for women in audio has ended.

The group was set up five years ago by women who questioned why there was a lack of female presenters.

Annie Nightingale member of Sound Women spoke to London Multimedia News to explain how the group was formed.

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It was found in 2011 that two per cent of BBC local radio breakfast shows were presented by a solo woman.

Since its beginning the group has offered mentoring, training and events for women.

The over 1000 Subscribers will receive benefits until December 31, 2017.

The number of women in the radio industry has increased since Sound Women was first formed.

The group was funded by grants and awards from various organisations but funding became difficult to obtain.

Maria Williams, founder of Sound Women said “gender equality in the radio and audio industry is no longer just Sound Women’s business.”

You can join the Sound Women network page on Facebook:

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