Norway happiest country in the world

Badminton Hemsedal

Happy Norwegians playing badminton in Hemsedal (Photo taken by author).

Today is the UN’s international day of happiness, where each year the happiest country in the world is announced.

This year Norway has been ranked as number one, exceeding its neighbours in the North.

The world happiness report is a subjective survey by the UN that asks citizens of different nationalities to rank their happiness on a scale from 1 to 10.

The report asks the participant to measure their life as a ladder, and asks what step, from 1 to 10, would coincide the most with how content they are.

According to the BBC there is no science behind the report that measures ‘subjective well-being’.

The survey asks only for the participants personal situation as opposed to the nation as a whole.

Countries are ranked in accordance to the average answer, with The Central African Republic in the bottom with 2,69 and Norway on top with the average 7,54.

We went to the streets of Oslo to see what Norwegians believed to be the secret behind their happiness.

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