Labour: ‘EU referendum a vote for managed migration’ and other stories


Brexit. Image: Bankenverband

Sir Keir Starmer, Labour’s Shadow Brexit Secretary, has announced his party’s plan for exiting the EU.

Sir Keir guaranteed the rights of 3 million EU citizens currently living in the UK should Labour be elected.

The approach prioritises jobs and workers’ rights.

Labour have also promised not to include EU and international students in immigration figures.

Keir Starmer said Labour’s position on Brexit is: ‘Jobs, the economy, retaining the benefits of the single market and customs unions are the priority.’

London Multimedia News spoke to German-born Sabrina Huck, Assistant Secretary of Labour Youth.

We asked her what would happen to EU migrants in the future.

Liberal Democrats to keep nuclear detterent.

The Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron says they would ‘maintain a credible nuclear deterrent’ if they won power.

But Mr Farron says the LibDems will  replace the current system of continuous-at-sea deterrence with more irregular patrolling patterns.

He is also expected to accuse Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of being ‘weak and dangerous’ on defence matters.

MPs have warned that thousands of refugees face homelessness and destitution because of a ‘two-tier’ UK system.

The all-party parliamentary group on refugees says people brought to the UK via resettlement schemes receive more support than those given refugee status after arriving as asylum seekers.

It says the next government should create a minister for refugees to help level the playing field.

Over fifty thousand refugees are said to have arrived in the UK through the asylum route since 2012.

Meanwhile, government-led resettlement programmes –  including from Syria – accounted for fewer than ten thousand people in the same period.

Tom Hardy chases thief through London.

The Hollywood actor chased down and help catch a thief after persuing him through gardens and a building site in South West London.

A witness said the Taboo actor ‘switched into superhero mode’ as he collared the man before checking him for weapons after the chase.

Two suspects were detained in connection with the theft and are facing charges.

International tennis row

U.S. Tennis player Serena Williams has branded as ‘racist’ comments made by former number one tennis player Ilie Nastase.

He was overheard at a press conference saying about Williams’ unborn baby: ‘Let’s see what colour it has. Chocolate or milk?’

Mr Nastase denies that the comments were racist.

Ilie Nastase is being investigated by the International Tennis Federation  following complaints about his behaviour at the federation cup tie between Romania and Great Britain in Constanta.

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