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PMQs row on pension ‘Triple Lock’ and other stories


Corbyn and May. Image: Screengrab live BBC parliamentary coverage.

In the final session of Prime Minister’s Questions, Prime Minister, Theresa May, has faced criticism for failing to show commitment for the state pension ‘triple lock.’

Opposition Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said a Labour government would guarantee the lock on pensions, with at least a yearly increase of 2.5%.

SNP Leader at Westminster, Angus Robertson, said he was concerned that ‘triple-lock’ would not survive after the election.

The Prime Minister replied:

I’ve been very clear that under this Government we have seen pensioners benefit as a result of what we’ve done to the basic state pension to the tune of £1,250 a year.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has said previously this policy ‘only further proves the Tories are abandoning older people.’


Gina Miller raises money against ‘hard Brexit’

The woman behind the campaign for the Supreme Court Brexit challenge has now crowdfunded £300,000 which will go to candidates opposed to ‘hard Brexit.’

Gina Miller is leading a campaign of tactical voting to support almost 100 local candidates called ‘Best For Britain.’

She believes this election is the most important for a generation and gives young voters a chance to be represented fairly:

It is especially important for young people to vote as they will be living with the consequences of the decisions taken in the next parliament for their entire lives.

NUS President ousted

A new president has been voted in for the National Union Of Students, with 56% of the 1,200 delegates backing 28-year-old Shakira Martin.

The election ousts Malia Bouattia, who was elected last year and had run into controversy with an article she wrote in 2011, calling Birmingham University a ‘zionist outpost.’

Crimestoppers offer reward for Blackheath murder

Independent charity Crimestoppers is offering £10,000 for any help that can lead to an arrest for the murder of Jordan Wright, who was stabbed on Wednesday on the junction of Begbie Road, SE3.

The reward is on the provision that the information be exclusively provided to

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