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UK will not pay €100 billion and other stories


As yet, no set amount has been talked about from either side. Image: Pixabay

The Brexit Secretary says the United Kingdom will only pay what is legally due to the European Union, and ‘not just what the EU wants’.

In an interview on Good Morning Britain (ITV), David Davis reacted to a piece in the Financial Times, claiming that the so-called ‘divorce bill’ will cost more than the originally speculated €60 billion.

Mr. Davis says that while negotiations have not officially begun, both parties will need to ‘lay down’ what each other wants as part of Brexit.

He emphasized: ‘We will not be paying €100 billion’.

Meanwhile, the EU’s chief negotiator, Michael Barnier, says that when guidelines for the settlement are clear, this ‘bill’ is ‘not a punishment’ – merely a means to resolve issues with Britain.

Mr. Barnier has said that the issue of payment is a matter of Britain settling its accounts.

Kabul suicide bomber kills eight

An attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, has targeted a Nato convoy, killed eight civilians and injured at least 25 other people, including US service members.

The Islamic State group have claimed responsibility.

The attack happened during the morning rush-hour, in close proximity to the US Embassy.

Nato Coalition medical facilities are treating the wounded, who are reported to have non-life threatening injuries.

Aaron Lennon sectioned

Aaron Lennon, winger for Everton FC, has been taken to hospital after a ‘stress-related’ illness.

On Sunday, Lennon was detained by police in Salford after a telephone call was made, reporting concerns for his welfare.

While no details of the illness or the exact nature of the police call has been given, police have said that the detaining was done under section 136 of the Mental Health Act.

Support for Lennon from the sporting world and his fans has been made across social media.

Sainsbury’s profits fall 8.2%

The supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has seen its full-year profits fall from £548 million to £503 million, a drop of 8.2%.

These results are after the chain’s purchase of Argos and Habitat, which have been included into the figures.

Sainsbury’s shares have also fallen.

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