Reactions to the Duke of Edinburgh retiring and other stories


The Duke of Edinburgh is retiring. Image: Buckingham Palace official photograph

Reactions to the Duke of Edinburgh retiring 

Prime minister Theresa May has said she offers the country’s ‘deepest gratitude and good wishes’ to the Duke of Edinburgh following his announcement that he is retiring in August this year.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also sent his wishes to the Duke saying ‘all the best in his well earned retirement.’

He later emphasized the importance of the Duke’s work with young  people through the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

First minister in Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said that the Duke had ‘dedicated his life to the public service’ and also mentioned his support to the Queen as admirable.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson sent his regards through twitter;

The Sun accidentally reported that the Duke of Edinburgh had passed away before the official palace announcement, but quickly corrected their mistake.

Deadline to use old £5 notes approaching 

The deadline to use the old £5 notes is approaching with retailers able to refuse them from Saturday the 6th of May.

The Bank of England has said that 150 million of its £5 notes are still in public circulation, only days before they become redundant.

The new £5 note has an image of Winston Churchill, and there will therefore be an absence of women on notes except from the Queen on the bank’s banknotes.

Social reformer Elizabeth Fry has been on the £5 note the previous 15 years.

The new polymer £5 note has been controversial in certain religious and vegan groups, as the polymer contains a small amount of tallow, derived from meat products.

Banks will still accept the old notes for some time forward.

Button replaced at Grand Prix Driver’s association

The French Romain Grosjean will be replacing Jenson Button as the director for the Grand Prix Drivers’ association.

The racing driver will be joining chairman Alexander Wurz and Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel in the leading roles after Button’s decision to step down from racing in 2017.

In his new position, Grosjean will be focusing on introducing additional heat protection in 2018.

He will also be working against the ‘halo system’, a metal structure that goes ahead of the drivers shoulders and up to the front of the cockpit.

May the fourth be with you 

The Internet has been celebrating today, recycling the famous pun ‘may the fourth be with you’.

May 4th is the official Star Wars day due to the date’s familiarity to the famous saying from the films; ‘may the force be with you’.

According to ABC news, the pun was first used in 1979 when the British Conservative party congratulated Margaret Thatcher on taking the role of Prime minister that day.

Tributes have been made to Carrie Fisher on this year’s Star Wars Day, as the actress, known for portraying Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, passed away late last year.

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