Conservatives’ energy price cap policy and more stories

Theresa May cap energy policy. Image: Conservative Party Facebook page.

The Conservative Party has pledged to cap energy bills, as Prime Minister Theresa May takes her party’s campaign to York.

Mrs May has said that even though most energy companies have seen their profit margins increase, energy bills are still going up.

Capping energy prices was a pledge made by Ed Miliband before the last election.

Lib Dems to fight tampon tax

The Lib Dems are to provide free sanitary towels at school to fight ‘period poverty’.

The party has called it a ‘hidden problem’ which is causing young girls to miss school because they can’t afford tampons.

The Lib Dems say they would ensure there was access to basic sanitary products.

Equality spokesperson, Lorely Burt, says it’s a disgrace that the Conservatives prefer to indulge in Theresa May’s ‘pet project’ of grammar schools.

More refugees feared dead in shipwreck

An earlier tweet from the UNHCR underlining the danger of Syrian refugees’ route across the Mediterranean

The United Nations says nearly two hundred and fifty people are missing after two shipwrecks in the Mediterranean.

More than a thousand people are believed to have died while crossing from North Africa to Italy so far this year.

The International Medical Corps reported wreckage off the coast of Libya on Sunday.

Muntari unapologetic after racist victimisation

A statement on Sulley Muntari’s official Twitter page. The Pescari player has refused to keep quiet in the face of his abuse

The Italian FA might face discipline after the action they took against former Portsmouth midfielder Sulley Muntari.

He was sent off for Pescara after confronting fans who were racially abusing him.

According to Fifa President, Gianni Infantino, his organisation will work with their Italian counterparts to decide what action is needed.

Mr Muntari has said in an interview with the BBC that he’d walk off again if abused.

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