Leading parties make energy promises, Kelvin MacKenzie leaves The Sun and other stories

Leader of the Conservative Party, Theresa May. Image: Screengrab from @theresa_may

Tories pledge to cap prices

The Conservative Party has pledged to cap energy prices should they win the General Election.

Prime Minister Theresa May hopes the move could save approximately 17 million households up to one hundred pounds a year.

Hitting back at reports that Mr Corbyn will raise taxes for higher earners, the Conservative Party has said raising inheritance tax will risk families’ economic security.

Corbyn launches campaign

Jeremy Corbyn has told supporters in Manchester they have ‘four weeks to transform Britain’ during the formal launch of the Labour Party’s election campaign.

Along with his shadow cabinet, the Labour leader said the Conservative Party is to blame for tax cheats and greedy bankers.

He also made clear that the Brexit issue has been ‘settled’, but promised to protect ‘Britain’s vital industries’ after the UK leaves the EU.

Mr Corbyn has said he does not intend to step down as leader if Labour lose the general election on June the 8th.

Kelvin MacKenzie to leave The Sun after a career of controversy

“The Truth” in April 1989, and The Sun’s eventual response in an issue from 2012

The former editor and long time columnist, Kelvin Mackenzie, is entering negotiations to leave The Sun newspaper.

His career has been mired in controversy.

‘The Truth’ edition,which was published shortly after the Hillsborough disaster, led to a boycott of the newspaper by supporters of Liverpool Football Club.

Under his editorial leadership the paper published reports that Liverpool fans were largely responsible for the Hillsborough deaths and for depraved behaviour that allegedly occurred afterwards.

Later enquiries dismissed those reports as ‘lies’.

Most recently Mr Mackenzie was  suspended  for writing a column comparing the footballer Ross Barkley, who is mixed race, to a gorilla and again making disparaging comments about the city of Liverpool.

His departure comes at a time when The Sun’s owners, News Corp, are looking into a full takeover of 21st Century Fox, which is also owned by tycoon Rupert Murdoch.

New President elected in South Korea

South Koreans have elected a new president.

A Liberal, Moon Jae-in, has won according to an exit poll.

He is in favour of holding talks with the North.

The election was called early after the country’s first female president Ms Park Geun-hye was impeached in a corruption scandal.

Close neighbours North Korea, China and Japan have all watched the election closely for assurances of stability in the region.

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