‘When Labour wins, the British people win’: General Election updates and more stories

Labour Party campaign launch. Image: The Labour Party Facebook page

Former leadership rival Andy Burnham joins Jeremy Corbyn in Manchester

During the official launch of the Labour Party’s general election campaign, leader Jeremy Corbyn said: ‘When Labour wins, the British people win’.

The leader of the opposition says their whole campaign will revolve around this clear idea.

Mr Corbyn did not take questions following his speech.

Tory energy pledges questioned

The Business Secretary has admitted that energy prices could go up under Theresa May’s plans despite the party’s pledge to save families £100 a year.

Greg Clark acknowledged that the flagship policy to ‘cap’ bills would leave the energy regulator free to let them rise, if international prices went up.

The concession came as the trade association, Energy UK, criticised the Prime Minister’s plans, warning it would prevent people saving money by removing their ability to switch providers.

#GE2017 social media blitz continues

ITV’s political correspondent Robert Peston has taken to Facebook Live to ask the general public ‘What impact is social media having on this election?’

This comes on the day that the Conservative Party are reported to have spent one million pounds on Facebook advertising.

In contrast, Labour have their own digital tool called Promote which, to date, has only cost them £16,000 to operate.

Greens set out to defend the NHS

Caroline Lucas. Image: The Green Party

The Green Party’s co-leader, Caroline Lucas, will launch a pledge to protect the NHS from privatisation during her speech on the Isle of Wright today.

Mrs Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavillion, will also help to contest the Isle of Wight seat, after the Conservative MP Andrew Turner stepped down following controversial remarks about homosexuality in a speech to high school students.

Exit polls confirm Jae-In victory

Moon Jae-In seems to have won the South Korean presidential election.

Mr Moon has positioned himself as the man able to move the country on from impeached former president Park Geun-hye’s corruption scandal.

Exit polls put Mr Moon on 41.4%, with his nearest challenger, conservative Hong Joon-Pyo, on 23.3%.

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