Corporation tax to fund education under Labour, and more stories

Screenshot from official Labour Party video

Labour promise corporation tax hike to fund National Education Service

In the General Election campaign both Labour and the Liberal Democrats have been hitting out against Conservative cuts to the education system.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to increase corporation tax for a cash injection in order to fund a National Education Service.

The Lib Dems have promised a £7 billion spending boost.

Mr Corbyn pointed out than in some cases under the Conservatives, struggling schools have asked for money from parents to support rising costs.

CPS decides Conservative Battle Bus did not break expenses laws

The Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed that no Conservative MPs will face charges after their investigation into parliamentary election expenses declared during the 2015 general election.

These concerned expenditure on the ‘Battle Bus’ they used on the campaign trail.

No criminal charges have been authorised in the investigation in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors.

But the CPS statement states that while they have decided ‘[no] individual should face criminal charges’, it acknowledges that the role of the Electoral Commission is to ‘regulate political finances and campaign spending.’

“Children” DJ Miles dead at 47

Electronic producer and trance pioneer Robert Miles has died at the age of 47, following a short illness.

Miles topped radio charts in over ten countries with his 1996 hit single ‘Children’, and is widely considered to be one of the most important artists in the development of trance music throughout the world.

New York Times ‘Brexit Tour’ draws ire

In 2014, over a million tourists from the United States visited Britain.

Now, the New York Times is offering a new tourist attraction in London, for $6000: Brexit.

If Britain is no longer part of the European Union, how will this affect UK trade agreements with Europe?Where does Brexit leave Europeans living in the UK or British citizens living in Europe?

The tour offers visits to pubs ‘frequented by members of parliament’ and has been met with strong criticism on social media.

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