MCM Comic Con: London

Hohenheim & Macaulay the Sniper. Just two of the thousands of cosplayers visiting the convention. Image: Elly Lazarides for LMMNews

This weekend saw the return of MCM Comic Con events around the globe.

The younger sibling of the behemoth that is San Diego Comic Con saw thousands of attendees over the course of the weekend.

LMMN visited the convention to see what draws such large crowds:

The convention, held at the London ExCel centre in the heart of the East End Docklands, has a different feeling to that of the San Diego event.

Lucky ticket holders travelling to San Diego in July could have the chance to see Stan Lee, the former president of Marvel Comics and the inventor of Spider-Man.

Those who went to the convention in London could go to panels and signings featuring the likes of Star-Trek vet Nichelle Nichols, Mini-Me Verne Troyer and Summer Glau from Firefly.


Although, the cosplayers that spoke to LMMN weren’t concerned with the celebrity fanfare on offer at signing tables and panels.

They would all prefer to check out merchandise stands and artist stalls, and check out the cosplay competition, as well as hanging out with their like-minded pals.

Vendula (left) and Holly (right) – more interested in cosplay than celebrity. Image: Elly Lazarides for LMMNews

Everyone seemed to be in good spirits as they made their way into the venue, despite the increased security.

Both our male contributors (seen in the top photo) interviewed for this piece had to make last-minute changes to their planned cosplays as a result of the horrific attack at the Ariane Grande concert in Manchester that claimed twenty two lives a few days before.

MCM Comic Con released a statement following the attack, to reassure expo-goers they were in safe hands.

We asked ‘Rey’ how she felt about the safety at the event following the terror attack:

I think that if you make allowances for this sort of thing then you’re letting, helping, the terrorists win. Fear is their currency. If events like this can keep going, you know – the amount of joy you see here… There’s so much joy, and there’s so much excitement, and I think this sort of thing is the antithesis.

That was the overwhelming feeling as people entered – one of British stoicism, stiff upper lips, and keeping calm and carrying on in the face of terror.

‘Rey’ with her old shower rail and coffee stained trousers. Image: Elly Lazarides for LMMNews

If this sounds like your cup of tea, the next event in London will be in October 2017 but will be in Manchester as early as the 29th of July. Tickets are on sale here.

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