London Bridge and Borough Market terrorist attack: Seven people killed, three suspected attackers shot dead by armed police

MPS Lewisham Twitter image.

A terrorist attack on London Bridge and in Borough Market on Saturday night has left seven people killed with at least forty eight people being treated for serious injuries in hospital.

Armed police officers have shot dead the three suspected attackers who drove at speed in a white van knocking down pedestrians on London Bridge after about 10.08 p.m. last night.

It would appear they abandoned their vehicle and started stabbing people on the streets and in restaurants in the Borough Market area.

The response of the emergency services has been so fast that it would appear that by 10.16 p.m. armed police had identified and stopped the attackers.

Police have confirmed the attackers were wearing fake explosive vests.

Mayor for London Sadiq Khan has condemned the attack as the actions of ‘cowardly terrorists.’

The BBC recorded and broadcast this eye-witness account of the attack.

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