Reaction to the General Election outcome 2017

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Downing street sign in London. A street where british prime minister lives. @publicdomainpictures

The Conservative party has failed to gain a majority in the UK general election, resulting in a hung Parliament.

To gain a majority 326 out of 650  seats in the House of Commons needed to have been won outright.

When the exit polls were announced on Thursday 8th June, I was at an exclusive General Election party held at Shepherds restaurant in Westminster.

They indicated that Mrs May’s intention to secure a large majority was not going to happen.

The implications began to be taken in by the guests waiting for the results to come through overnight:

The overall feeling among the attendees was of astonishment at the exit poll results.

With no party being able to win a majority,  this has resulted in an inconclusive election.

As a result the UK faces a ruling party with a weakened majority and having to reach a deal with a minority party such as the Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland.

The next general election is not due until May 2020.

The snap general election was called by Prime minister, Theresa May, earlier this year, as she stated it was the ‘only way to guarantee certainty and stability for the years ahead.’

There have been calls for the Prime Minister to hand in her resignation after the results of the election, by members of her own party and rival leaders.

Mrs May’s vulnerability drew the following analysis from people at the GE party:

In a video post on twitter, Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, says Theresa May underestimated voters.

He also said that whatever the results ‘politics has changed’ and ‘isn’t going back into the box where it was before.’

Why was Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign so much more successful than that of Theresa May?

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