World naked bike ride returns to London

Can You See Me Now? – Photo by Alfie Thompson

On Saturday, June 10th, hundreds of people cycled the streets of London naked.

Starting at various points across the capital, they all converged at Trafalgar square and rode down the mall to Wellington arch.

Riders at Trafalgar Square – Photo Alfie Thompson

The course took around two and a half hours to complete and passed many major London landmarks, including the London eye and Buckingham Palace.

The cyclists journeyed through the city to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists, advocate body freedom and protest against the consumption of oil.

Rides take place yearly across the globe.

Many of the participants were painted with slogans displaying the reason they were out cycling.

Mind the gap – Photo Alfie Thompson

People took to twitter to express their confusion and joy at witnessing the pr0cession of bike riders.

London Multimedia News talked to a few of the participants to find out why they were riding through the streets of the capital without clothes.

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