Grenfell Tower – How Can I Help?

Paramedics at Grenfell Tower fire. Image: @Ldn_Ambulance

Londoners awoke to news of a fire in a North Kensington tower block early this morning – another fatal tragedy to hit the capital in recent months.

At time of writing, LMMN understands that twelve people have died, with 18 more in critical conditions at hospital.

The fire was first reported at 00.54 on the 14th of June – Tuesday night.

There are still some pockets of fire burning in the building.

London Fire Brigade evacuated sixty-five occupants from the building, although they were only able to reach to the twelfth floor of the twenty-four floor building.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

These are the basic facts, at this early stage of the disaster.

London Fire Brigade released this video on their twitter earlier today.

120 homes have been lost in the fire, and many Londoners wish to know how they can help.

Item Donations

According to St Clement’s Church in Notting Hill, they are no longer in emergency need of donations.

They have provided a list of places still accepting:

According to the Royal Borough’s official Twitter, The Salvation Army in Portobello Road is also taking donations.

Here’s a map of all those places:


If you do want to donate items, consider ones that many food banks would fall short on. These include tin openers, baby food, nappies, toilet roll and ladies’ sanitary products.

Monetary Donations

If you can’t donate in person, or prefer to provide some aid in the form of money, the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation have set up a donation page which can be found here.

In this modern age, the council are not the only people with which you can donate. These are all the crowdfunding pages on Just Giving:

Haley Yearwood – Families of Grenfell Tower

William Hurst – Aiming to raise £10,000

Karolina Hanusova – The largest donating page, already having reached its £200,000 target

A Book of Codolence is now open at Kensington Town Hall, where the Union Flag is at half-mast.

The hearts of all those at LMMN go out to anybody and everybody affected by this horrendous event.

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