Grenfell Tower tragedy – Death toll now 17, praise for the rescuers, and people coming forward to help the survivors

Damping down and recovery of victims at Grenfell Tower. Image:The London Fire Brigade @Londonfire

The Met Police say at least 17 people have died in the West London tower block fire disaster.

But the figure is expected to rise significantly.


London fire crews are continuing to dampen the deadly fire in Latimer Road, West London.

Grenfell Tower is still smouldering.

It’s too dangerous for firefighters to explore the edges of the building.

London’s fire commissioner said it would be a miracle if anyone caught up in the building’s inferno is still alive.

Emergency services are now engaged in an operation to recover and identify bodies.

The extraordinary bravery of firefighters and other emergency workers is being singled out for appreciation.


The generosity of Londoners who responded immediately to provide shelter, refuge, consolation, clothing, food and other supplies has also been apparent.

Her Majesty the Queen has expressed her sympathy and condolences to all those affected.


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