Death toll in London tower block fire likely to be at least 58 – grief and anger turns to protest

Police enquiry into Grenfell Tower fire. Image: Met Police

The Met Police say that the death toll in the Grenfell Tower block fire disaster is likely to be at least 58 when taking into account those identified and confirmed missing.

Media investigation and local sources have consistently suggested the number of people who died has been significantly higher than the cautious official figure released.

Grenfell Tower residents have spent two and a half hours with the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street and a spokesman said she listened to the presentation of their demands.

Grief and anger have turned to protest.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, said the government was immediately releasing £5 million for relief to the survivors and to support their rehousing.

A visit by Mrs May on Friday, to a local church to meet survivors was met by an angry crowd some of whom shouted ‘shame on you’, ‘murderer’ and ‘coward.’

Protestors calling for justice for those who had died had to be held back by security and police officers at Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall.

There was also a march on Downing Street and protest outside BBC headquarters in Portland Place.

On Friday night local people held candle-lit vigils singing ‘Amazing Grace’ and a Bob Marley song.

The Queen and Prince William visited the community and spent an hour speaking to survivors and local people.

On the following day in a Queen’s birthday statement she said: ‘difficult to escape a very sombre national mood’ following tragedies in London and Manchester.

The front pages of national newspapers on Saturday morning report growing anger at the lack of government response and understanding of the needs of the fire’s survivors and grieving families and friends of victims.

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