79 confirmed dead or missing in Grenfell Tower fire disaster

Entrance to Grenfell Tower after disaster. Image: Met Police

The Met Police have announced that the death toll in the Grenfell Tower fire disaster has now reached 79.

That’s the number of people identified, confirmed dead, or missing presumed dead.

Five people thought to be missing had come forward.

Commander Stuart Cundy said:

It’s really hard to describe the devastation that the fire has caused.

I’ve seen some terrible things. I don’t think anything prepared me for what I saw when I was in there.

Commander Cundy said sadly some families had lost more than one family member in the disaster.

The Met Police said they are very grateful to Grenfell Tower residents who gave permission for the release of images showing the scene of devastation of their flats inside the building.

A minute’s silence was held throughout the United Kingdom at 11 a.m. this morning.




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